About Us

For more than 40 years, businesses in every industry have used SOS Technologies’ oxygen equipment when faced with medical emergencies and while waiting for emergency medical services to arrive. During the 1990s we added defibrillators, first aid kits and supplies, workplace first aid and CPR training, as well as personal protection equipment to our list of products and services.

 By listening to our customers’ needs we have become a one-stop shop for all of your health and safety requirements.

Our Mission

SOS Technologies (SOS Oxygen Inc.) is an organization dedicated to providing clients with quality first aid equipment and training to optimize care rendered by first aiders in the initial minutes following an accident or sudden illness in the workplace, public spaces, or even at home.

SOS Technologies employees strive to create an outstanding customer experience by understanding what the customer needs and working to serve them, offering solutions to save them time and money.

SOS Technologies’ first aid supplies, personal protection equipment and training programs will increase the level of safety and quality of care delivered in the workplace.


We work with each of our clients to understand their needs and challenges so we can provide the best possible products to meet their needs. By taking the time to get to know our client, we can be confident that our recommendations will provide long-term satisfaction. We will give you practical advice on workplace health and safety products and training for your emergency response team. We can provide you with customized checklists to ensure compliance. Let us know what you need. We can help.

Fast Delivery

We offer a quick delivery service for a range of standard products. We are committed to support you with short lead times and superior service. We ensure that hundreds of our most popular products are dispatched within a day or two. This special service is available for a large selection of products.

Support 24/7

Our oxygen refill and defibrillator service voicemail box is monitored 7 days a week. You will receive a call-back or a visit from a technician within 24 hours according to your needs. Please call 514-738-6551. Speak slowly and clearly when leaving a message.

Best Quality

Our first aid kits contain the best quality products and instruments your emergency response team members need to assist your injured workers.