First Aid in the Workplace

(by SOS Oxygène Inc.)


To schedule, please contact:

Linda Gauthier
514-738-6551 x1220

Course objective :

To train first aiders in the workplace to intervene in situations that can be life
threatening. Quick and effective intervention can contribute to the survival
and recovery of the worker.
Duration of training : 16 hours
Cost : $128.00 + tax
Subsidized by the CNESST (if eligible)
Course content :
• Approach to the intervention (situation assessment, primary medical and
traumatic assessment, secondary assessment, call for emergency medical assistance)
• Change state of consciousness (assessment, first aid, recovery position)
• Resuscitation techniques for adult (CPR, automated external defibrillator
(AED) facial barriers, unblocking the airway)
• Bleeding (internal and external bleeding, minor and complex wound care)
• Shock (definition, signs and symptoms, first aid)
• Medical problems (seizures, breathing difficulty, chest pain, diabetic problem)
• Allergic reaction (severity of the allergy, administration of Epipen - 1.5 hours training)
• Trauma (injuries to the head and spine, extremity injuries, burns, eye
• Occupational poisoning (prevention, information gathering, Poison Control
• Problems caused by heat and cold (prevention, hypothermia, heat stroke,
• Administration of oxygen (using the device, safety rules, when to use it)
Notes: Content adapted according to the industries of the companies
The order of the training may vary as determined by the instructor