2021 CSA Personal/Vehicle Kit


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2021 CSA Personal/Vehicle Kit  (1-5 employees). PLASTIC BOX INCLUDED



1 Omniforme gauze bandage
14cm 1 Lister bandage scissors
7.6cmx7.6cm 6 Gauze compresses, sterile
10.2cmx10.2cm 2 Pressure bandage with ties
1 Triangular bandage with pins
2 Examination gloves, non-powdered
11.4cm 1 Forcep tweezers, stainless steel
2.5cmx4.6cm 1 Waterproof adhesive tape
16 Assorted fabric bandages
4 Hand and skin cleaning sachets
6 Antiseptic wound cleaning sachets
2 Antibiotic ointment sachets
1 Bio-hazard waste bag
    1  * Safety pins, assorted sizes
    1  * First aid manual
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